1. Activation of dialogue among IDPs women

Broad area Democracy
Duration July----September 2006
Donation from DAI 45,880 SD

Target group:
120 IDPs women +90 local tribal leaders in Jabarona ,Mandella,Dar Assalam camps and Hai Albaraka

Type of activities:
Role play

Objectives :
Dissemination of CPA among women in IDP camps 1/
2/ Raise awareness of women on democracy and women rights
3/ To bridge the gap between women in different areas, political affiliation, culture, educational level and bring them into a shared platform
4/To emphasize and activate the role of women in the
democratic transformation
5/ to aware IDPs of their roles in case of willing rehabilitation as was cited in CPA and TC

2. A study on the readability of independent newspapers

Broad area: democracy and human rights
Duration: October-December 2006
Donation: DAI

Target group 1000 readers randomly selected
Type of activities:
Data analysis

1/ characterizing of newspapers readership in Sudan
2 / Identify papers with highest readership and why .
3/ Identify the most free and independent newspapers
4/ Identify the most popular writers/editors and the reason for their popularity.
5/ Identify topics and themes missing from newspapers.

3. Women as voters

Broad area: Democracy
Duration: July-September 2007
Donation: DED

Target group 120 women +90 youth leaders, teacher sandthe public committees members in three municipalities in Khartoum state,Kalakla Gubba,Jeraif and Mid Khartoum.

Type of activities
Orientation sessions
Open discussions
Call for mothers and siblings

1/ To conduct training awareness raising to all members of the community on gender concepts.
2/ To sensitize women on male domination and subordination and give them the tools of creation of equality and mutual respect.
3/ To create linkages between elite and community women.
4/ To disseminate knowledge about good governance.
5/ To run open discussion among women in order to draw their minimum agenda they intended to pursue.
6/ To promote necessity of affiliation or grouping as means of making the voice heard.
7/ To conduct training on leadership.
8/ To pursue ratification of international conventions that call for all women rights

4. Improving the life of the population of Hassan Aloub village.

Broad area: Poverty elevation
Duration: mid March - October 2007
Donation: Netherlands Embassy

Target group:40 women +6men in addition to25 other beneficiaries

Type of activities
Establishment of a farm and cattle rearing + establishment of a water pump
Training on small scales enterprise
Awareness sessions
Training on reproductive health , primary health care and HIV/AIDs prevention

The objectives:
1\ Re habilitation of the village of Hassan Aloub .
2\ Training women on skills of small scale enterprises projects "the farm and cattle ranch"
3\ Introduction of some basic health care facilities and awareness raising on primary health care and sanitation as well as basic information on HIV/AIDs
5\ Creating small jobs in the village.
6\ To teach villagers women and men on agricultural methods that will provide a better crop and how to sustain a project.

5. The role of women in democratic transformation

Broad area Democracy
Duration September - December 2008
Donation DAI

Target group 320 women of different political background in 8 clusters in Khartoum, Omdurman and Khartoum North

Type of activities workshops

The objectives:
1\ Dissemination of CPA among women on grassroots
2\ To bring women in these area in to a shared platform to draw their minimum agenda.
3\ To bridge gaps between women of different political ,cultural, educational background
4\ To raise awareness of women on democracy and women rights.
5\ To emphasize and activate the role of women in democratic transformation.
6\ To help women addressing the problems of their communities and work collectively

6. Small scale enterprise a local restaurant

Broad area Poverty elevation
Donation Belgian group
Target group poor families in Jabarona IDPs camp

7. Computers donation

Broad area capacity building
Donation Leeds university in collaboration with Asmaa
Objectives provision of ten computers to establish a computer lab
To provide free facilitations to other grassroots organizations who lack them

8. Computer course

Broad area technical literacy
Donation Asmaa
Target group: 20 of Asmaa members as the first phase
Objectives :
Members capacity building
Members and women in the area empowerment