Believing in the necessity of change in society- and in Sudanese women life in particular- into better, a group of women activists ,gathered and hence Asmaa Society emerged, being convinced that change will not occur unless raising of awareness spread among a wide scope of women and society at large.


Asmaa Society for development was established in 2001 as consultative a group; however in 2004 its registration was changed into an NGO registered in Humanitarian Aid Commissioner (HAC). It has always worked with women especially in strengthening women’s participation. The strategy of 2009-2012 has recognized a different focus, which is enabling a movement for change through literacy, which will ultimately ensure women’s participation. The reflect methodology for Asmaa is a tested tool that depends on developing the right manual to work with the beneficiaries. Asmaa as a grass root society that is devoting most of its efforts towards remote and marginalized communities has accumulated advanced capacity in working in such areas. Asmaa Society for Development has vowed to promote social justice and citizenship rights through enabling a movement for change using literacy as a tool. Gender justice is placed in the heart of this believe; stemming from that we are working with women groups to actualize women rights as citizenship rights.