Duration: July-September 2007
Donation: DED

Target group 120 women +90 youth leaders, teacher sandthe public committees members in three municipalities in Khartoum state,Kalakla Gubba,Jeraif and Mid Khartoum.

Type of activities
Orientation sessions
Open discussions
Call for mothers and siblings

1/ To conduct training awareness raising to all members of the community on gender concepts.
2/ To sensitize women on male domination and subordination and give them the tools of creation of equality and mutual respect.
3/ To create linkages between elite and community women.
4/ To disseminate knowledge about good governance.
5/ To run open discussion among women in order to draw their minimum agenda they intended to pursue.
6/ To promote necessity of affiliation or grouping as means of making the voice heard.
7/ To conduct training on leadership.
8/ To pursue ratification of international conventions that call for all women rights