Broad area: Good Governance
Duration: 2009-2010    
Donation: European Commission (EC)
Implemented by: Asmaa Society for Development In Partnership with:
Sudanese Organization for Research and Development (SORD) and Ma’an organization (Network) in Gedarif.

Objectives :
To contribute to sustainable development in Sudan through empowerment of the civil society.

The project specific objective was:
To enhance the capacity of a local non state actors to play an active role in development and to deliver civic education to communities in the three states of Gedarif, Kassala and Khartoum

Target group:
Nine organization under Ma’an’s (one of the three project partners) umbrella in Gedarif , Sudanese women Union in Khartoum, ten CBOs in Khartoum Dar Alsalam (under Community Development Organization’s umbrella)  ten locally based organizations in Kassala
Illiterate women within the communities/areas served by the abovementioned institutions 

Building capacity of civil society organization linked to data and information gathered during capacity assessment survey done at the project start.

The Civic education component was confined to illiteracy circles using The REFLECT approach to literacy which is an approach involving community members in the development of the literacy lesson through activities related to their development needs. REFLECT is an acronym standing for Regenerated Freirean Literacy through Empowering Community Techniques. In addition the bill of rights, included in the transitional constitution of the Sudan, was used for a subject for the curriculum.  
In the peace building component:

Study titled: Poverty and Conflict Rights Denied, in which ESPA analysis is covered, results of this study was disseminated in one day session in Khartoum. This session covered by some Khartoum newspapers. In addition three public session were organized in Khartoum for the same purpose

Support to one music and drama group of the Sudanese women union        

In poverty advocacy – campaigning component

Civil Society mapping in Kassala and Gedarif states

The two other research topics in addition to the ESPA one, were covered in one research titled: Poverty and Conflict Rights Denied. As the three topics are thematically interrelated