Broad area: Civic Education
Duration: Dec 2010 – March 2011  
Donation: UN Women
Target group: Khartoum State Gabarona area , South Kordofan Rashad area ,

Type of activities:
Public sessions

Project Main Objective (Goal):
 Raise the awareness and support the community of South Kordofan and Gabarona in Khartoum through women and local leaders about referendum and popular consultation and empower them to be able to   conduct all the steps of the referendum and popular consultation properly and create sustainable social peace in the targeted areas during and after the popular consultation.

Immediate Objectives:
1-Capacity building for women to play effective role during referendum and popular consultation.
2-To perform referendum and popular consultation in south Kurdofan and Gabarona effectively and peacefully
3-Peace building during and after the referendum and popular consultation
4- Legal support offered to the communities