Broad area: awareness raising
Duration: 2nd February to 22nd March 2006
Donation: SSNAP

The activities the project consisted of 3 activities:
1. A workshop the role of university students in combating HIV/AIDs
2. A seminar on intensifying efforts to combat AIDs
3. A seminar on mobilization against the stigmatization of victims of AIDs

Target group:
90 youth of different backgrounds;
Graduates, undergraduates, medical assistant and other health workers, secondary school teachers ,representative of ministry of health ,judicatory corporation ,attorney general, the national program of AIDs and the parliament health committee

1. To raise awareness on HIV/ AIDs amongst the general Sudanese public, civil society organizations mainly CBOs and NGOs, policy makers and health professionals.
Empower NGOs and CBOs to address the HIV/AIDs situation Sudan by making then responsible for formulating their own HIV/AIDs related strategies.

2. Help de-stigmatize HIV/AIDs in workplace and reduce discrimination against HIV/AIDs victims.
Advocate for better legislations and policy in regards HIV/AIDs and stressing the importance of protecting women and children

3. Strengthening the information base on the complexities and technicalities related to HIV/AIDs issues and highlighting areas of vulnerability as an impediments to Sudanese development process
Map resources and information on the role of national and international NGOs and CBOs working in the field HIV/AIDs in Sudan.